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The integration with is a two-way synchronization, therefore, you'll be able to keep the calendar of your website up to date by importing reservations and synchronizing availability as well as exporting your rates from Lodgify to

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Requirements to connect to

Before setting up the connection with, you should be aware of certain conditions/settings in order to make the connection work well for you.

  • You need to have the same currency in both Lodgify and 
    If you wish to edit your currency in Lodgify you can do so in the rental's Default Rates section.Screenshot
  • Prices and Availability are only editable inside Lodgify. This means that if you wish to create a manual booking or a closed period, you will be obliged to create it directly in Lodgify, and it will then be imported automatically into This table explains exactly what is exported from Lodgify to and which information needs to be set up inside your extranet.

💡 Note: If you create a new rate or re-activate a rate which is not synchronized with Lodgify, you will risk receiving overbookings. Lodgify won't actually be able to update the availability for those rates if they are not mapped.

How to connect Lodgify to

To set up the connection between Lodgify and you'll need to first follow the steps below, and then contact us once completed.

💡 Note: If you don't have a account yet, create one following this link.

  1. Activate a credit card gateway such as Stripe, Payyo, Braintree or Authorize.Net in Lodgify. For more details on how to activate credit card payments, follow the instructions in this article. If you already accept credit card payments, move on to the next step.
  2. Activation: To enable the synchronization, please log into your extranet, click on Property Info or Account and then on Connectivity provider.
    In the drop-down menu, please select Lodgify and accept the agreement.
    💡 Note: If Lodgify isn't listed among the available PMS, please contact your Account Manager at to establish that for you.
  3. You will now need to fill in a form providing some additional information to establish the mapping. Please select the form in your preferred language: English | Spanish | Italian | French | German and complete it with the required information regarding your rental(s). Once submitted, we will start the mapping and send you a confirmation email once completed from our side.
    💡 Note: You can also access the form from the Channel manager section of your Lodgify account, when you click on Sync Rentals to create a new connection.


In the tables below you will see the type of import/export which will be done between Lodgify and regarding rates, availability, and reservations.

💡 Note: Rental details (such as title, description, and images) are not synchronized.

Export rates

  Export Notes
Policies (reservation deposit, security deposit, and cancellation policies) Need to be set up in
Default and season rates ✔️

Default and season rates will be exported to Please ensure that the currency settings in Lodgify and are the same.
💡 Note: 18 months of rates are sent to, so be sure to have that period of tie up-to-date before synchronizing.

Extra charge per guest - default rate ✔️ Needs to be set up in Lodgify.
Extra charge per guest - season rate The extra charge of the default rate will be applied to all the season rates.
Minimum stay - default and season rates ✔️ Need to be set up in Lodgify.
Fees and taxes ✔️

Fees and taxes will only be sent to if set as a % in Lodgify.

💡 Note: Additional restrictions added to a fee, namely applying a fee when the stay is too short, are not sent to

Fixed check-in and check-out days ✔️ Need to be set up in Lodgify.
Check-in and Check-out times Need to be set up manually in
Promotions Need to be set up manually in
Cleaning charges Need to be set up manually in
Extra fees for short stays This fee does not exist in
Any fixed fees per stay Need to be set up manually in
Advance Notice This needs to be set up by the Lodgify connectivity team once the connection is confirmed. You can request to synchronize the advance notice set up inside your Lodgify account or a different one. Please contact us.
Booking Window This needs to be set up by the Lodgify connectivity team once the connection is confirmed. You can request to synchronize the booking window that is set up inside your Lodgify account or a different one. Please contact us.
Preparation time The preparation time set in Lodgify will be synchronized with's availability calendar and will mark preparation days as 'unavailable' for bookings. The actual setting, however, is not synchronized with
Rental Agreement Needs to be set up manually in

Export availability

  Export  Notes
Current availability ✔️ 18 months of availability will be synchronized.
Closed periods ✔️ Closed periods need to be created in Lodgify as they won't be imported, and they will be deleted from 

Import reservations

  Import Notes
Existing reservations ✔️ Reservations will only be imported if the departure date is in the future.
Future reservations ✔️ All reservations that are received after the connection is established will be imported.
Reservation details
(creation date, stay dates, rental name, and facilities, price details, meal plan, number of guests)
✔️ To see reservation details, go to the reservation, click on External Quote and View details. Screenshot
💡 Note: No reservation details will be sent from Lodgify to
Credit card details ✔️ Credit card details can only be imported if you accept credit card payments in Lodgify. Depending on the payment method you have activated in your account, the credit card details imported are the original ones or of a Virtual Credit Card (VCC). Learn more about how to charge reservations in Lodgify.
Guest details ✔️ Name, alias email address, phone, location, and language will be imported.
Changes in reservations (cancellations, date changes, etc.) ✔️ Imported reservations can only be edited in directly. Any changes made in will be shown in red in the reservation details in Lodgify.
Multi-Room bookings ✔️ If a reservation contains multiple rooms with different dates, a separate reservation will be created for each room.
Payments ✔️ Payments for imported reservations can be handled in Lodgify if you accept credit card payments in Lodgify and Learn more about how to charge reservations in Lodgify.

For bookings imported via API (not from the initial bulk import during the connection setup) the guest alias email address will be used to send:

  • 2 days before booking reminder
  • 2 days after departure review request

If the guest replies to these, you will receive the reply in Lodgify.


Once the booking is imported into Lodgify, all new messages will be synchronized between Lodgify and

  • When you open a message in Lodgify, will mark the message as Read.
  • If a message does not need a reply, you can mark it as No reply needed.

💡 Notes:

  • Messages that were exchanged before the booking was imported, will not be synchronized.
  • Messages take about 15 minutes to be synchronized.
  • If you want to send links, be sure to send the URL. Hyperlinks are not transferred to
  • Special requests from guests (such as early check-in) will not be imported as messages.

  • Attachments:
    • You can only send and receive images. These can be JPG, JPEG, or PNG - up to 10Mb.
    • To send an image, you must include text in your message. 
  • Messages opened and replied to through in Lodgify do also affect your Reply Score.

💡 Note: Once the connection is established, you can see the mapping and the applied markup from the channel manager section.


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