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The Expedia integration allows you to connect your Expedia rentals, or rentals from (Expedia partner) to your Lodgify rentals. Once the connection is enabled and the mapping has been completed, you will be able to automatically export rates & availability and view/manage your bookings received via Expedia or through Lodgify. You will also be able to charge your reservations directly through Lodgify, using our credit card gateways.
💡 Note: You can use the Expedia API connection also to connect to other Points of Sales from the Expedia group (e.g. Check the full list below.

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Requirements to connect to Expedia

  • You must have an Expedia account ID and your rentals need to be active in Expedia.
  • You need to use the Occupancy based Pricing Model in Expedia. Occupancy pricing enables you to set prices depending on the number of people staying in a room. You determine how much to charge for each guest. To learn which model your rental is using or to switch to a different pricing model, you must contact your Expedia Account Manager and request the migration from the Per-Day Pricing Model to the Occupancy Based Pricing Model. The full migration usually takes less than 48 hours.
  • The maximum number of guests allowed in each rental must be the same in Expedia as it is in Lodgify.
  • Existing reservations or closed periods cannot be imported from Expedia into Lodgify, so they will need to be created manually in Lodgify to avoid double bookings.
  • You need to have the same currency in both Expedia and Lodgify. 
    If you wish to edit your currency in Lodgify you can do so in the rental's Rates section.2019-11-04_1236.png


How to connect Lodgify to Expedia

To set up a connection between Lodgify and Expedia you’ll need to carefully read the steps describe in a form and execute the actions required for your rentals. Please select the form in your preferred language: English | Spanish | Italian | French | German
Once you have submitted it, we will be notified and we will set the connection up for you. Once it is completed, we will send you a confirmation email.

💡 Note: Please note that bookings created in Expedia prior to the connection cannot be imported, therefore you must manually create the Expedia bookings in Lodgify until the connection is established.

💡 Note: Before filling in the connection form, make sure you review your Lodgify account to confirm it has the correct prices, booking rules (minimum stay, extra charge per guests, check-in and check-out dates), and calendar availability (closed periods need to be created in Lodgify). This step is very important as the connection overwrites these fields in Expedia with the data in Lodgify and if they are not up to date, there is a risk of a double booking.


Export rates

  Export Notes

Policies (reservation deposit, damage deposit, and cancellation policies)

Need to be set up in Expedia and managed outside of Lodgify.

Default and season rates


Default and Season rates will be exported to Expedia.

If you have configured Derived Rates in Lodgify you can connect to multiple rates in Expedia. Learn how to configure Derived Rates in Lodgify

Moreover, the currency settings in Lodgify and Expedia need to be the same.

💡 Note: Fees and taxes are not sent from Lodgify to Expedia and need to be managed in your Expedia account.

Daily, weekly price


We can map multiple rate plans per room type as long as they match Lodgify’s daily and weekly logic. Different price per day is also supported.

Monthly price

Monthly rates cannot be mapped.

Extra charge per guest - default rate


Needs to be set up in Lodgify.

Extra charge per guest - season rate


Needs to be set up in Lodgify.

Minimum stay - default and season rates


Need to be set up in Lodgify.

Cleaning fee, misc. charges and taxes

Fees and taxes are not sent to Expedia (cleaning fees, misc charge, taxes). You must configure them in Expedia as included in the Rate plan and adjust your Lodgify pricing accordingly.


Need to be set up manually in Expedia.

Fixed check-in and check-out days


Need to be set up in Lodgify.

Advance Notice

It does not exist in Expedia.

Rental Agreement

Needs to be set up manually in Expedia.

Booking window



Export availability

  Export Notes

Current availability


18 months of availability will be synchronized.
💡 Note: The preparation time set in Lodgify will be synchronized with Expedia's availability calendar and will mark preparation days as 'unavailable' for bookings.

Rental types and units


We export multi-units.

Closed periods


Closed periods need to be created in Lodgify as they won't be imported from Expedia.


Import reservations

  Import Notes

Existing reservations

Need to be created manually in Lodgify.

Future reservations


Reservations from the past are not imported.

Reservation details

(creation date, stay dates, rental name, and facilities, price details, number of guests)


To see reservation details go to the booking box and to External Link and click the link View details.

💡 Note: No reservation details will be sent from Lodgify to Expedia

Credit card details


Credit card details can only be imported if you accept credit card payments in Lodgify. Depending on the payment method you have activated in your Expedia account, the credit card details imported are the original ones or of a Virtual Credit Card (VCC).

The credit card information is still available in Expedia’s back office after such information is sent to Lodgify.

Guest details


Name, location, and language will be imported.

Changes in reservations (cancellations, date changes, etc.)


Any changes made in Expedia will be shown in the reservation details in Lodgify.

Existing and new messages

Messages that guests send in Expedia will not be recorded in Lodgify so always check directly for new messages.

💡Note:  For bookings imported automatically via API, the guest's alias email address from the booking will be imported into Lodgify. We will send a booking reminder 2 days before the booking and one review request 2 days after the stay. In case the guest replies to one of these emails directly, they will appear in your Lodgify messages.



Payments for imported reservations can be handled in Lodgify if you accept credit card payments in Lodgify and Expedia.


Other Points of Sales available with this API connection

To set up the connection with other Points of Sales such as, the same requirements and set up instructions apply as for Expedia. Here you can find the full list of available connections:

  • Expedia Affiliate Network
  • Egencia
  • Travelocity
  • Orbitz
  • Wotif
  • Hotwire
  • Cheap Tickets
  • ebookers
  • Mrjet
  • America Express Travel
  • Amex The Hotel Collection
  • Amex Fine Hotels and Resorts
  • Neckermann
  • Ving
  • Tjareborg
  • Spies

Frequently Asked Questions

When/how frequently does Lodgify update my rates and availability information in Expedia?

Rates and availability are updated instantly and automatically (sent from Lodgify to Expedia) whenever there is a change in rates and/or availability (e.g.: change in price or a new booking was received).

Lodgify only supports the occupancy-based pricing model. What is the process you must follow together with Expedia in case you need to shift from the Per-Day Pricing Model to the Occupancy Based Pricing Model?

You must contact your Expedia Account Manager and request the migration from the Per-Day Pricing Model to the Occupancy Based Pricing Model. The full migration usually takes less than 48 hours.

Does Expedia hide the Credit Card information if such information is being sent to a partner (Lodgify)?

No, the credit card information is still available in Expedia’s back office after such information is sent to a partner.

When can a credit card, received via an Expedia booking, be charged?

For Hotel Collect bookings: You can charge the card at any time after booking. You can do so by using Lodgify’s Charge Credit Card functionality, or by charging the card through your own POS.

Expedia’s advice is the following:

  • Charge the card upon booking, if the reservation is nonrefundable;

  • Charge the deposit (set in Expedia) only based on the deposit policy terms (if there is any deposit set up) - Please note: You should not charge damage deposit set in Expedia through Lodgify - currently we only allow the charge of the total booking amount. If you charge a deposit amount, Lodgify will count it towards the payment of the total booking amount;

  • Charge upon check-in any refundable reservations or no-show fees BUT validate the card in the first 72 hours of booking to ensure its validity and the available funds.

For Expedia Collect bookings: The EVC card (Expedia Virtual Card) will be active from the check-in date and can be charged accordingly.


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