Accept Paypal payments

With a Paypal business account, you can accept Paypal- as well as credit card payments, and can therefore partly automate your processes in the reservation system.

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Requirements to connect to Paypal

Before connecting to Paypal, please check the following: 

  • You must have an existing merchant account to connect to Lodgify. 
  • Guests who want to pay with Paypal will also need a Paypal account. 
  • In some countries, Paypal might not be available. Check out the full list
  • Review the commissions for receiving payments through Paypal.

How to connect to Paypal

To connect to Paypal:

  1. Go to your Main Menu in the top left corner and select Settings.
  2. In the left navigation panel click Payments
  3. Activate Paypal and fill in the email address of your Paypal account and Save. If you don't have a Paypal account yet, Sign up for free.

💡 Note: With Paypal, it is not possible to schedule automatic subsequent payments or make automatic refunds, this is only possible if you accept credit card payments.

Once the connection is set up you should go into your Paypal account and set up the following, in order to receive payment notifications in your reservation system:

  1. Log into your Paypal business account at
  2. Click on the little wheel icon in the top-right corner and select Account Settings.
  3. Now choose Notifications from the left sidebar menu and click Update for Instant payment notificationsScreenshot_05-18-2020_14.33.58.png
  4. Click Choose IPN Settings, and fill in the following URL:
  5. Then click Receive IPN messages (Enabled), and save.

💡 Note: You will be charged a 1% Transaction Fee by Lodgify for each payment received via PayPal.  This transaction fee is charged so we can continuously work on offering more value-adding payment-related features for you. As refunds for Paypal payments need to be handled manually outside of Lodgify, the Transaction Fee cannot be refunded. Learn more.

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