Transfer your external domain to Lodgify

With a yearly or bi-yearly subscription, you have the great advantage of getting a personalized domain for free. If you already own a domain name with a different domain host and want us to do the admin work for you, you can transfer your external domain to Lodgify.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your domain provider account or contact their support team to get the Transfer Authorization Code.
  2. Contact us to request a transfer of the domain from your external domain host to the Lodgify host. Please provide your domain name, an email address that doesn't end in, the Transfer Authorization Code, and the name of your current domain host in the message. Our team will get in touch with your current domain host directly and request approval for the domain transfer.

💡 Important: This process could take up to 5 days to be completed, and the website may experience some downtime period. Also, if you have just registered this domain less than 60 days ago, you are not allowed to transfer it yet. You'll need to wait until the 60-day mark has passed. In the meantime, you can simply connect the domain to your website.

💡 Note: If you had a website before, don't forget to redirect your URLs to keep your Google ranking. Once you have a custom domain connected to your website, verify the ownership of your website in the Google Search Console which allows you to monitor and maintain your website's presence and optimize its performance in the Google search listings.

When you register a custom domain with us, you automatically receive a custom email address with it (i.e. which looks much more professional in your contact information than your personal email. Please note that this custom email is only a forwarding email and not an actual account. This means that every email your guests send to will be forwarded directly to your personal email, from where you can respond.

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