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Jervis Systems Integration

Through the Jervis Systems integration, you can automatically inform guests of their unique access code for your rental. This allows for smarter, contactless check-in and property access.

💡 Note: If you need assistance with this integration, please contact the Jervis Systems' support team. To do so, select the Support option from your Jervis Systems menu.

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Each rental for which you want to use Jervis Systems must have a smart lock. Learn which devices are supported.

💡 Note: You will need your Lodgify User ID and API KEY to set up the connection in Jervis.

Set up the connection between Lodgify and Jervis Systems

Setting up the connection between Lodgify and Jervis Systems requires actions in both Lodgify and Jervis Systems:

  1. Create a Jervis Systems account by following this link, if you haven't done so yet.
  2. In your Jervis Systems account, navigate to the Marketplace and switch the Lodgify app to Connected.
    Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 15.09.51.png
  3. A module will pop up asking for your Lodgify API key. Learn where to find your Lodgify API key.
  4. Next, in your Jervis Systems account switch to Properties, and click on Refresh Properties in order to import your Lodgify rentals into Jervis Systems. The import may take a few minutes.
  5. Once the rentals are imported, for each rental, click on the three dots to the far right of the rental:
    1. Set the timezone of the rental.
    2. Set the check-in and check-out time of the rental.
    3. Set Smart Lock Check-in & Check-out offset times to specify when the key codes should be activated and deactivated.
  6. Next, go to Devices and follow the prompts to import your smart lock devices. The import may take a few minutes.
  7. Once imported, assign your devices to the rentals imported from Lodgify.
  8. Go to Reservations and click Refresh Reservations in order to start generating the SET pin codes for each reservation. From now on, Jervis System automatically imports new reservations approximately every two hours. You can click Refresh Reservations at any point to force an immediate import.
    💡 Notes:
    Only bookings with check-in date in the future and status Booked will be imported.
    Bookings received via iCal will not be imported.
  9. Go to Notifications and enable the email template called "Guest Pincode Entry". This template automatically sends access details to each reservation. Additionally, you can adjust when the template should be sent.
    💡 Note: You can also prefer to send the entry pin code from Lodgify by adding the placeholder {{KeyCode}} inside your Automatic responses and Saved replies.
    Return to the Marketplace in Jervis Systems and disable Auto Notifications.Screenshot_2022-07-22_at_21.49.30.png


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