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Safely Integration

Through Safely's integration with Lodgify, you can use their powerful, automated insurance and guest screening features to protect your rental business. This helps you grow your revenue whilst reducing your risk. Using their optional guest insurance, lets you offer a better guest experience.

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In order to be able to connect Lodgify with Safely, you need to fulfil a set of requirements:

  • The rentals you're looking to insure must be located within the US or US territories. 
    💡 Note: If you have rentals both within and beyond the US (territories), only your rentals within the US (territories) will be covered by Safely.
  • Your rental set-up must be completed in Lodgify, and assigned to your website.

Set up the connection between Lodgify and Safely

Setting up the connection between Lodgify and Safely requires actions in both Lodgify and Safely.

  1. Ensure that your rentals are completed in Lodgify and assigned to your website.
  2. Next, fill in this Safely form
    💡 Note: You will be asked to provide your Lodgify API in order to complete the form. Learn more about your API Key.
  3. Then, sign up to Safely:
    • If you are a single rental owner: Sign up for a Safely plan here.
    • If you are a property manager: Safely will reach out to you to set up a time to work with them. In order to select the insurance plan and complete the onboarding process. 
  4. Once signed up, Safely will use your API Key to connect your accounts and pull in listing information, reservation details, and guest details.

Set up the rental insurance

  1. Safely will inform you of the cost you must add in Lodgify as a Fee to each insured rentals.
  2. When creating this fee in Lodgify, you must name it "Trust & Safety Fee".
    Booking Type Trust & Safety Fee settings
    Direct Bookings
    Manual Bookings

    Configure your Fee as:

    • either Flat Fee per night (recommended)
    • or %

    Set Fee Type to "Security deposit".

    Learn how to configure Fees in Lodgify.

    Bookings from OTA

    Learn how to configure Fees per OTA.

    💡 Notes: You can set the fee higher than the amount stated by Safely. This allows you to earn a profit on the insurance.
  3. Optionally, you can add text to your Rental Agreement to inform guests about the insurance. You can contact Concierge@Safely.com or your Safely account manager, who will provide you with the text.

Set up guest screening

If you want to verify your guests' identity and run background checks on your guests, you can choose to use Safely's guest screening feature. To activate this feature, contact Concierge@Safely.com or your Safely account manager.

Once activated, Safely will email your guests whenever a booking reaches status "Booked". In this email, guests will find the link to Safely where they can complete the verification process. Learn more about booking statuses.

💡 Notes: Completing the verification process is not mandatory to complete the booking, nor is it mandatory for the booking to be covered by the insurance.

If you are using the guest screening feature, you must inform guests that you are using a third party to run a background check on them. Learn more about Safely's guest screening.

If, based on the guest screening, you would like to cancel a booking, contact Concierge@Safely.com.

Set up guest insurance

In addition to rental insurance, you can also offer your guests the choice to add guest travel insurance to their booking.

Booking Type How to add Guest Travel Insurance
Direct Bookings
Manual Bookings
Configure the Guest Travel Insurance as Add-ons
Bookings from OTA

Your Safely account manager or Concierge@Safely.com can provide you with a link to send to your guests. For example, in their booking confirmation. Learn how to can create and edit automatic messages.

💡 Note:
You may need to set this up directly in the OTA.

Pre-existing Bookings

For existing bookings, meaning those created prior to the connection to Safely, you can manually send guests the link. Learn how to send messages to your guests.

Should you want to cover the cost out of your pocket, contact Concierge@Safely.com or your Safely account manager instead.

💡 Note: If you receive both direct bookings and bookings via OTA, it is recommended to only set up the link in an automatic message instead of using the Add-ons option.



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