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Dashboard - Use the Booking Agenda to manage your day to day

In the Dashboard, you can keep track of your account's setup and keep an easy overview of your upcoming bookings.

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Accessing the Booking Agenda

To access and use your Booking Agenda:


How does it work?

In your Booking Agenda, you will find multiple options that help you keep track of your bookings.

💡 Note: Most of these options are available on mobile.

Options Description
Time tabs

You can choose between these three options:

  • Next arrivals: all bookings with a check-in date within the next 30 days.
  • Next departures: all bookings with a check-out date within the next 30 days.
  • Currently staying.
Booking overview

In the booking overview, you will by default see the next 6 bookings for the selected option. Should you want to see the next ones, simply click on the arrows at the bottom of the page.

The Booking overview shows the following information:

  • booking source:
    • API channel managers show the respective OTA's logo
    • Manual and website bookings show the Lodgify logo
  • guest name
  • number of guests
  • rental name
  • check-in / check-out date

You can click on any booking to see and edit it within your Reservations section.


By clicking on the contact option, you have direct access to the guest's contact options:



  • view your guest's email address and phone number 
  • write your guest through the Lodgify messenger by clicking Inbox message
  • call or send your guest a text (SMS)
  • send your guests a Whatsapp message
    (To do so, you must either download Whatsapp to your device, or choose to use their web-version on your desktop device.)
Download arrivals / departures / currently staying

Download a CSV file of these reservations.
Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 14.20.02.png

What do Owners see?

What Owners can see in the Booking Agenda depends on the permissions you have granted them. Learn more about Owners and their permission.

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