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Connect your website to social media channels like Instagram or Twitter, and boost your online presence. Ideally you want to have a specific account in each social media channel specifically for your vacation rental brand (don't use your personal one) which will help to spread the word and will be great marketing.

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Show social media links on your website

 To connect your website to your social media channels, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Main Menu in the top left corner and select Website builder.
  2. In the Settings tab, go to Contact & Social, and insert the link to your social media page.

The configured links to your Social Media pages will appear in the footer of your pages.

💡 Note: If you would want to track how many guests actually visit your social media pages, and make them more visible, you can use GetSiteControl. The HTML code from GetSiteControl needs to be inserted in the Footer - Custom Javascript Section of your Advanced Settings.

Social media for your website marketing

If you want to take it a step further and use your social media channels for your website marketing, you could display your Instagram gallery on your website or add a Save button from Pinterest on your website.

  • An instagram gallery widget

Use a free tool like LightWidget to embed your Instagram feed directly into your website. It will automatically refresh every 24 hours to make sure your newest content shows up.

  1. Choose an Instagram widget creator such as LightWidget, sign-up, and get the HTML code.
  2. Insert the code into the Lodgify Video widget.

Learn how to add, edit, or remove widgets on your website.

  • A Pinterest Save Button

The Save button is the best way for your website to get discovered on Pinterest. When you add the Save button to your site’s pages, your customers can save pictures or content they like to Pinterest. This means that in the end, more people can find your website.

  1. Go to GetSiteControl, connect it to your website by inserting the HTML code from GetSiteControl into the Footer - Custom Javascript Section of your Advanced Settings
  2. Create a Share Widget.
  3. Select Content, click Add button, and select Pinterest. Then finalize all the settings.

Now, if a customer likes a picture or specific content from your website they can simply click the button and save it to one of their Pinterest boards.

💡 Note: Find out more about how Facebook can help with your website marketing from our blog article, 8 reasons to create a Facebook page for your vacation rental.

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