Set up your payment schedule

Decide when you would like your guests to pay for their booking and if you prefer to stagger the payments in several smaller amounts. 

To set up your payment schedule in your policies:

  1. Go to your Main Menu in the top left corner and select Settings.
  2. From the left menu bar select Policies and then either create a new policy or edit an existing one.
  3. In the section Payment Schedule: Choose the number of payments and decide the timelines for collecting them.
If you choose... ...then
1 - One payment You will collect the full payment in one sum, once the guest completes the booking.

2 - Two payments 


3 - Three payments

You will collect the full payment in 2 or 3 installments. Choose whether you prefer the guests to pay a percentage of the total amount or a flat amount.
  • The Payment 1 will always be collected at the time of booking and it represents your Reservation Deposit.
  • You can also decide when to collect the Residual balance and how to collect it. 
💡 Note: If you choose Do not schedule in Lodgify, it means that Lodgify will not schedule any further payments for you. You should explain to your guests when and how you want to receive the residual balance, for example through cash on arrival.
💡 Note: If you do schedule subsequent payments in Lodgify, make sure your automatic email notification "Owner requests scheduled payment 3 days before due date" is switched on in your Email Notifications, so you don't have to send out payment requests manually.

💡 Note: To find out more about different scheduling scenarios, how to set them up and which work best depending on your payment gateway, have a look at our Use cases for payment schedule.

Important: Although you have the freedom to choose the number of payments, the timelines during which your guests submit the booking also have an impact on the payment schedule.

For example, your policy requires 2 payments

  • Payment 1: 25% due at time of booking
  • Payment 2: 75% due 7 days before arrival
If... then...
The guest books 14 days before arrival
The first payment will be 25%.
The guest books 3 days before arrival
The first payment will be 100%. The second payment will not be necessary. 

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