Reorder the website menu

You can simply change the order of your website menu by using our drag-and-drop function.  This also applies if you want to move an element to the footer or decide that a page should not be public. If you want to create drop-down menus or sub-pages you can do so by dropping one menu item into another one. 

  1. Go to your Main Menu in the top left corner and select Websites.
  2. In the Pages tab, go to the Main Navigation, and hover the mouse over the category you want to move, and drag-and-drop the page title to a new position.

💡 Note: You can also move pages into the website footer or to private pages

Level Backend view Frontend view
Page-level page_level_backend.png 2017-06-30_1043.png
Sub-page level
💡 Note: Sub-pages appear on your website menu when you hover over the main menu title. Only one level of sub-pages is available.
Subpage_level_backend.png frontend_subpage.png

💡 Note: To add a sub-page, just add a normal page, and then use your mouse to drag it below the page that you want to be the main one. Then drop it when the little blue line is in the preferred position. 

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