Private pages

Some pages you might want to keep private and only send their access link to certain users once they have confirmed a booking. Other pages you might want to keep invisible while you are working on them and only move them to the main menu once they are complete. 

To keep pages private you can use the Not Linked section of your Navigation Menu. 

  1. Go to your Main Menu in the top left corner and select Websites.
  2. In the Pages tab, go to Not Linked and click +Add.2019-10-31_1056.png

💡 Note: Find out more about which items you can add here

Use private pages if you want to do the following:

If you want to... then...
Build a new page that you don't want to be public as long as it is not finished. start building the page in the Not Linked section and move it into the Main Menu once it is finished.  Find out how to reorder your menu.
Create a page that should not be visible to everyone but only to selected people.
For example:
  • Keep a special offer in there which you only share with returning clients
  • Create a page with specific directions to your rental which you only share once the booking is confirmed.
Share this page with selected guests by sending them the direct URL of the page.
To access the URL:
  1. Hover the mouse over the page title and click on the Wheel icon.2018-08-30_1040.png
  2. Then copy the Site URL.2019-10-31_1101.png
💡 Note: You can insert this site URL in one of your canned responses which you send out to each of your guests before arrival.


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