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Promotions can help you to create special offers for certain periods or give a discount to certain guests by using a promotion code. Promotions can be used in a variety of different ways. Find out how to create one and how they are applied.

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: Promotions created in Lodgify will not be exported to, or Expedia, so they will always need to be handled manually in those channels. Learn how to export promotions to Airbnb.

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Create a promotion

To create a promotion you can either do so in your rental directly, as explained below, or you can create and manage them in your Settings section.
Note: If you create a promotion in your Settings section, don't forget to associate it with your rental.

  1. Go to your Main Menu in the top left corner and select Rentals.
  2. Select the rental that you want to create the promotion for and select Promotions & Addons.
  3. Click Assign a promotion.
  4. A slide-in window will appear where you can create a new promotion by clicking Create a promotion or you can select to apply one of your existing promotions to this particular rental.
  5. If you decide to Create a promotion you will need to fill in the details and conditions of your promotion. 
  6. You can also add some additional restrictions so that the promotion only applies for last minute or early bird bookings etc. 
  7. Then save, and let your customers know about your promotion for example by using a Promotion Widget on your homepage. Read more.

How to edit or restrict your promotions

If you want to change your promotion's settings once it is created or manage its restrictions you can do so.Screenshot_09-30-2020_13.04.02.png

Edit Notes
Discount code

Once saved, you will always be able to edit the discount code by clicking on the three dots and then select Promotion Settings.

Restrict to rental/room types

You can apply the same promotion for all your room/rental types or restrict it only to certain ones. To edit this, click on the three dots and then select Edit restrictions.

Restrict to a specific rate

You can restrict the promotion to a specific rate by clicking on the three dots and selecting Edit restrictions.
For example, if you are using derived rates you can apply a promotion to all rates or restrict it to only specific ones.

๐Ÿ’ก Note: Make sure to always have at least one rate enabled.

Use the same promotion for different rentals

If you want to use the same promotion for a different rental, you can decide to discount the same amount for all your rentals, by switching on the Use default amount button. If you prefer to apply a different amount, switch the button off, and configure the discount manually for the new rental.

How a guest can apply a discount code

If the promotion has a discount code, your guests will be able to fill it in at check-out at the bottom of the booking summary on the right.2016-09-01_1339.png

The reduced amount will be shown in the booking summary, no matter if the promotion applies automatically without a code in case certain conditions are met, or once the code is applied.2017-11-14_1145.png

๐Ÿ’ก Note: If you are adding a reservation manually, you cannot apply the promotion through a promotion code but will need to apply a discount of the room rate or any other fee.


Promotions FAQ

Can more than one promotion be applied to a booking? 
On Lodgify websites, only one promotion can be applied per booking.

Which promotion is applied if several promotions are available for the same dates?
If multiple promotions are applicable to a booking, then the promotion with the highest value will apply.

Is a promotion applicable if it is valid for only part of the stay?
If the promotion only covers some of the days included in the stay, then the promotion will only apply to the days that fall into the promotion period.  

Which promotion is applied if the booking meets multiple restrictions?
If a booking meets the restrictions of multiple promotions, the highest promotion value will apply.

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