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Submit your sitemap to Google

A sitemap is a file that contains a list of all your website's pages and gives Google this information. To make it easier for Google to find all the pages of your site and improve the speed of Google crawling and indexing, you can submit your sitemap directly. 

💡 Note: In order to submit your sitemap to Google, you must first verify the ownership of your domain with Google Search Console.

To submit your sitemap to Google, follow these steps:

  1. Select your site on your Google Search Console home page.
  2. In the navigation menu on the left, click Sitemaps.
  3. A text field appears with your domain name filled in. Next to your domain, type sitemap.xml, then Submit.
    💡 Note: Do not enter any additional text such as the page name. 
  4. You will see a notification that your sitemap has been submitted.

💡 Note:  Lodgify now submits your sitemap automatically for you every 24h to ensure that Google always has stored your most updated sitemap. In case you have submitted your sitemap already before Lodgify submits it for the first time, you will receive a notification email from Google that your sitemap has a new owner. This is nothing to worry about 😉.image__2_.png



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