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Swikly Integration

Use the Swikly integration with Lodgify to outsource security deposits management.

Swikly takes care of collecting and invoicing security deposits, and manages all guest communications and disputes. Swikly also guarantees the amount of the deposit, so that if the guest's card cannot be charged in case of damage, Swikly covers the costs.

For any questions regarding this integration, please contact support@swikly.com.

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In order to use the integration between Swikly and Lodgify, you must fill the following requirements:

  • You must have a Premium account.
  • You must be in a country where the following currencies are accepted, and a bank account in one of these currencies:
    • EUR
    • GBP
    • CHF (Swiss Franc)
    • PLN (Polish Zloty)

  • The maximum deposit must be €2.5K (this can be adjusted on a case-by-case basis).

Set up the connection between Lodgify and Swikly

Once you have registered with Swikly, you will receive personalized onboarding from Swikly to help you set up your account and integrate it with Lodgify.

To connect your Lodgify account to Swikly:

  1. Enter your Swikly account and go to Applications and integrations.
  2. Find Lodgify and click Connect:
  3. Enter your Lodgify user ID and your Lodgify API key.
  4. Once properties are imported, you can configure your deposit options.
  5. You can now copy the deposit link provided by Swikly:Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 16.34.23.png
  6. Now, paste it into a Lodgify automatic response to request your deposits, for example in an automated message sent 20 days before the check-in.

Once the message is sent, your guests will receive a link to enter their credit card details. A “card imprint” of €0 will be taken. The guest will only be charged if there is damage and the deposit is collected.
Once the deposit has been secured by your guest, you will receive a message in your Lodgify inbox confirming that it has been completed.

In the event of damage, you have 20 days after check-out to claim the deposit. Swikly will pay you the amount of the deposit.

💡 Note: Some credit cards like AMEX are not accepted.



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