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Through DoInn's integration with Lodgify you can easily manage your housekeeping operations. Find, schedule, and automate cleaning needs, and allow guests to request cleanings during their stay. Use checklists, insights, and messaging to keep track of your rentals' cleanings.

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In order to use the integration between DoInn and Lodgify, you must fill the following requirements:

  • You must have at least one rental completed and assigned to your website.
  • Your rentals must have the following information:
    • rental size
    • number of bedrooms
    • number of bedrooms
    • numbers of single and double beds

Set up the connection between Lodgify and DoInn

To connect your Lodgify account to DoInn:

  1. Enter your DoInn account and go to Integrations.
  2. Find Lodgify and click Activate.

  3. Enter your name and your Lodgify API key.
  4. Next, click Add property to see a list of synced rentals.
  5. Tick the rentals that you want to import from Lodgify into DoInn, then click Confirm.
  6. DoInn will now import your rentals including the following information:
    • Rental name
    • address
    • size
    • number of bedrooms
    • number of bathrooms
    • number of single beds
    • number of double beds
      💡 Note: If you need to change any of this information, you need to do so inside your Lodgify account.

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