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Duplicate your rental

Easily add new rentals to your account by duplicating one of your existing rentals. The duplicate exists as a new, separate rental, allowing you to create a new name, settings and details as needed without affecting the original rental.

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Duplicate your rental

To duplicate a rental:

  1. Open the Main Menu in the top left corner and select Rentals.
  2. Locate the rental you want to duplicate. In the top right corner of the image, click on the three dots and select Duplicate.
  3. The duplicated rental will appear as the last rental in your Rentals section. Its name will be “Copy of” followed by the name of the existing rental which was duplicated.
    💡 Note: If your original rental has an Internal Name, the duplicated rental will have an Internal Name too: “Copy of” followed by the Internal Name of the existing rental which was duplicated.
  4. Click on the duplicated rental, and review its details and settings. You can edit everything, it won't affect the original rental.

What is copied from the original

The below table shows which information is copied from the original rental into the duplicated rental. 

💡 Note: Both rentals need to be edited individually, as they are not synchronized.

left_rentals_menu.png Section Copied?
Overview ✔️
Photos ✔️
Location ✔️
Booking settings
Contact ✔️
Messaging placeholders

Default rates

Season rates ✔️
Fees & taxes ✔️
Promotions ✔️
Derived rates ✔️
Sync settings
💡 Note: The duplicated rental is not synchronized nor connected to OTA as the original rental. Learn how to connect the rental to external booking channels.
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