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Touch Stay Integration

Use the Touch Stay integration to offer digital guidebooks for each of your rentals. You can send the guidebooks before or during the stay, to inform your guests of house rules and check-in/out instructions. You can also highlight events and locations in the area using Touch Stay's sync with Google Places.

💡 Note: For any questions regarding this integration, please contact Touch Stay's support team.


Set up the connection between Lodgify and Touch Stay

If you do not yet have a Touch Stay account, you can sign up here.

💡 Note: To set up the connection, you must have at least one rental completed and assigned to your website.

To set up the connection:

  1. Inside your Touch Stay account, select Account from the menu at the top.
  2. Go to Integrations and locate Lodgify. Click Connect.
  3.  Enter your Lodgify API key and click Save.
  4. Next, match your Touch Stay guides to your imported Lodgify rentals.
    1. Select a guide on the left side.
    2. Then select the rental the guide applies to on the right side.
    3. Click Match Selected.
  5. Next, sync your Lodgify reservations to Touch Stay.
    1. Inside Touch Stay, select Account from the menu at the top.
    2. Go to Integrations and select Lodgify.
    3. Click Settings and select Reservation sync settings.
    4. Select the properties and reservations you want to sync.
  6. Your connection is now up and running. You can customize your guides and Touch Stays messaging strategies and content.
    💡 Note: Keep in mind that Touch Stay messaging is separate from Lodgify messaging. So if you configure the same or similar messages in both platforms, guests will receive both.



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