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Folio Integration

Use the Folio integration with Lodgify to improve your guest experience to proactively provide answers and drive repeat bookings.

For any questions regarding this integration, please contact: help@foliotravel.com.

💡 Note: To use this integration, you must have at least one completed rental in Lodgify.

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Set up the connection between Lodgify and Folio

You can start your Folio account directly via Folio's website, or schedule a demo here.

Once you have your Folio (test-) account, you can connect Lodgify and Folio. To do so:

  1. Inside your Folio account, click on Add a Guide and select “Import from PMS” in the Additional Options.

  2. Locate Lodgify amongst the providers, and click on Connect.

  3. Next, enter your Lodgify API Key, and then click again on Connect.
  4. You will see a list of your Lodgify rentals. Tick for which rentals you would like to create a guide, and click Import Selected.

  5. Folio will import the Rental name, Rental address, and the first photo of the rental.
  6. Next go into the Guides section inside Folio, to add more information to your guides.

Send your guide to your guests

Folio provides a link that you can share with your guests. To send the link to your guests:

  1. Inside your Folio account, navigate to the guide you want to share and click Guide Details Page.
  2. Then click Guide Link.
  3. A popup will open. From here, copy the link.
  4. You can now share this link in multiple ways:
    If you want to... then...
    send the link to select guests only

    Create a Saved Reply.
    When you're writing to a guest who should get this guide, you can simply select the saved reply which includes this link and send it with just a few clicks.

    Alternatively, you can simply copy and paste the link into messages to your guests.

    automatically send the link to all guests for the respective rental

    Use Lodgify's Messaging Placeholders to associate the link with the correct rental. Learn more about messaging placeholders.

    You can then choose to:



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