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Using an Internal Name for your rental

You can configure two names for your rental. One for your potential guests, and one to use internally amongst your team. This way you can use the rental's name to entice guests and work on your SEO, whilst using codes or shorthand names internally.

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Configuring an Internal Name

To set up the Internal Name:

  1. Open the Main Menu in the top left corner and select Rentals.
  2. Choose the rental you want to edit, and go to Overview.
  3. First add the rental's public name in the top field, and then add the Internal Name into the second text field:Screenshot

Where does the Internal Name show within Lodgify

Although the Internal Name is not visible for guests, you can see it in your account.

Section   Notes
Single Calendar View ✔️ You can search using both the internal and public name of your rental.Screenshot_2022-12-29_at_12.52.43.png
Multi Calendar View You can search only for the internal name of your rental.Screenshot_2022-12-29_at_12.26.34.png
6-Month Calendar View The 6-month view only uses the public name of your rental.
Creating a booking ✔️ When creating a booking inside your Lodgify account, only the internal name is shown.
💡 Note: When guests create a booking through your website or any connected OTA, they only see the public name.

The Internal Name is displayed under the public name inside each reservation.
💡 Note: In the Quote, only the public name is shown.


Rentals ✔️ The Internal Name is shown under the public name.
You can search using either name of your rental.
Inbox ✔️


💡 Note: Only the Internal Name is used in the filter function of the Inbox.

Booking Agenda ✔️

Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 09.52.15.png

PM Modules ✔️

Almost all sections support internal names on the desktop version, with a few exceptions like Accounting, Emails, Guides and the Guest portal.
To activate internal names, go to PM Modules, click Your Settings and Show internal names to enable the toggle.


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