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Using Lodgify's integration with InsuraGuest, you can insure your vacation rentals for medical, property damage and theft, which is applicable to any occurrences on the vacation rental property either during or in between stays. This ensures any incidents that involve cleaning personnel, property managers, etc. are also covered, not just your guests. 
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In order to use the InsuraGuest integration, you must meet the following requirements:

  • The insured rentals must be located in the USA.
  • The insured rentals must be used for commercial vacation rental purposes to be deemed an "Eligible Property."
    • Properties that are also used as personal residences either by owners or renters are not eligible.
    • Commercial properties that are also used for purposes other than vacation rentals are also not eligible.

Sign up to InsuraGuest

In order to sign up to InsuraGuest:

  1. Create your InsuraGuest account through this link.
  2. When asked for your PMS, enter Lodgify.
  3. When prompted, add the address of each rental you want to insure and choose the subscription plan for each rental.
  4. Next you will be taken to the checkout page. Once completed, your rentals will be instantly covered.

Share the cost with your guests

Sharing the cost with your guests is optional. If you choose to do so, you must set up a fee in Lodgify to cover the cost. If you prefer, you can add a markup to the fee for extra profit. Learn how to set up a fee. To find the cost of the fee, you can use InsuraGuest's cost estimator.

Furthermore, guests should be advised that they are covered in the rental agreement. For this you can use the following text: 

"InsuraGuest Hospitality Liability Coverage: coverage that protects you during your stay if an accident happens. By accepting this reservation, you are accepting this mandatory fee for your protection."

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