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Check-in Scan Integration

Automate the check-in process for your rentals located in Spain and/or Portugal by integrating your Lodgify account with your Check-in Scan account. This integration allows you to automatically send the guest registration to local police, and to get your signed "Registry Form" in an easy, fast and secure way to comply with the legal requirements.

💡 Note: Sending guest registrations directly to local police is only available for rentals located in Spain and Portugal.

Should you need support regarding this integration or on Check-in Scan settings, be sure to contact support@checkinscan.com.

Set up the connection between Lodgify and Check-in Scan

During your onboarding process with Check-in Scan, you will prepare your account for the integration.

Setting up the integration between Lodgify and Check-in Scan is done in of your Check-in Scan account. However, during the setup, you will also need your Lodgify API key. To connect:

  1. Log into your check-in scan account and go to the My Account menu. From it, select Integrations.
  2. From the available integrations, select Lodgify.
  3. You will be asked to enter your Lodgify API key. After doing so, click Next.
    Learn where to find your Lodgify API key
  4. Check-in Scan will now import your Lodgify rentals. Please allow some minutes for this.
  5. Once imported, you will be asked to map your Lodgify rentals to the rentals you have in Check-in Scan. Screenshot_2022-08-29_at_15.50.57.png
    💡 Note: If your rental does not yet exist in Check-in Scan, you can create a new property in their system.



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