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Stasher Affiliate Program

Add your Stasher affiliate link to your automated emails to earn commission whenever your guests leave their luggage in one of Stasher's safe storage spaces.

Note: If you have any questions regarding this integration, be sure to contact Stasher's support team via info@citystasher.com

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Signing up with Stasher

To ensure you get your commission:

  • Sign up to Stasher via this link.
  • Stasher will review and approve your application.
  • Once approved, you will have access to your Stasher-Tapfilliate account.

Sending your affiliate link to your guests

In order for you to get your commission, guests must book through your unique link. To push your guests towards doing so, it's best to include the link in automatic messages. Setting this up requires steps both in your Stasher-Tapfilliate account and in your Lodgify account:

In your Stasher-Tapfilliate account

  1. Go to Programs and select the currency in which you want to receive your payout.
    💡 Note: You can only select one currency.
  2. Once you've clicked on the currency, you will see your unique affiliate link. Copy this link, as you will need to paste it into your automatic Lodgify messages.

In your Lodgify account

It is recommended to add your affiliate link to automatic messages sent to your guests. You can opt to add it to one or multiple messages. Learn how to create or edit your automatic messages.



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