Beyond Pricing Integration

Through the Lodgify integration with Beyond Pricing, you can use their powerful Revenue Management System for short-term rental managers and owners. Through this integration, you can import dynamic and intelligent pricing based on multiple factors such as competition, occupancy, and many more from Beyond Pricing to Lodgify.

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In order to be able to connect Lodgify with Beyond Pricing you need to fulfill a set of requirements:

  • The rentals in Lodgify must be associated with a Lodgify website.
  • You must have an active account with Beyond Pricing.
  • You must configure your minimum stay settings and pricing in Beyond Pricing before being able to synchronize your prices.

💡 Note: You will need your Lodgify User ID and API KEY to set up the connection in Beyond Pricing. Or copy them easily from the Apps section of your account.


Set up the connection between Lodgify and Beyond Pricing

Setting up the connection between Lodgify and Beyond Pricing requires actions in both Lodgify and Beyond Pricing.

In Lodgify:

  1. Go to your Main Menu in the top left corner and select Settings.
  2. Then go to External rates and switch on external rates for your rental.2019-10-29_1129.png

💡 Note: Once external rates are turned on for a rental, rates and minimum stay are no longer managed in Lodgify.


In Beyond Pricing:

In Beyond Pricing, on the link account page for Lodgify you will see the field “API Key”.  Paste the API Key you copied in the first step into this field and then click “Link Account”.


The last step is enable price posting on Beyond Pricing:



In the table below you will see which settings need to be configured in Lodgify and which ones need to be changed in Beyond Pricing.

💡 Note: Any changes made in Lodgify (such as adding a rental) will show up in your Beyond Pricing account when they refresh each night at midnight. To see the changes earlier, you can refresh your account in the Connected Accounts section:



💡 Note: Beyond Pricing will send to Lodgify the  Minimum and Maximum Prices, Minimum Stays and Gap FillersReservation Gap Adjustments, and Last Minute Discounts directly in Beyond Pricing. Other rates settings must be configured in Lodgify directly.
Whilst you must set your Minimum Stay settings in Beyond Pricing, you can use Lodgify's Nightly Override to make last minute changes.

Rate setting Configuration Source

Default Rates - Nightly, Weekly Rates
💡 Note: Monthly rates are unavailable in Beyond pricing, and therefore disabled in Lodgify.

Beyond Pricing

Extra charge per guest

Beyond Pricing

Minimum stay

Beyond Pricing



Season Rates

This Lodgify setting will not apply.
💡 the rates table will not display when using external rates.

Short Stay Premium

This Lodgify setting will not apply.

Booking Window

Lodgify (optional)

Advance Notice

Lodgify (optional)

Season Rates (check-in and check-out rules)
💡 Note: Although Season Rates don't work with External Rates, the check-in and check-out restrictions of external rates will still be applied. Therefore, you can still set different check-in and check-out rules for seasons.

Lodgify (optional)


💡 All fees have to be configured in Lodgify. Learn how to set up fees.


💡 All taxes have to be configured in Lodgify. Learn how to set up taxes.


Lodgify (optional)


Lodgify (optional)

If you need assistance setting your rates and minimum stay in Beyond Pricing, or encounter any issues with your rates settings after external rates are activated, please contact Beyond Pricing support.

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