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How Lodgify's refundable security deposit works with OTAs

The way how Lodgify's security deposit works with an external channel depends on each OTA. Some external channels can import the security deposit settings you have in Lodgify, other cannot.

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How the security deposit works with each channel

In the following table, we will give you an overview of each channel and explain which settings can be synchronized.

Channel Notes Setup
Airbnb Professional

Only pre manual and pre-authorized security deposits of fixed amounts will be synchronized. Amounts set as % will not be synchronized.
The security deposit only appears as a text in the Airbnb page ; it is currently not possible to manage the security deposit for Airbnb reservations in Lodgify. It needs to be managed and collected outside Lodgify.

💡 Note: You can also have a different security deposit in Airbnb by sending it to us during the mapping process.
VRBO / HomeAway

For VRBO, the security deposit can be set up in the following ways:

  • Protection method Manual with a flat amount
  • Protection method Manual with a percentage amount
  • Protection method Pre-Authorization with a flat amount
  • Protection method Pre-Authorization with a percentage amount

To synchronize the security deposit with VRBO, please contact our Connectivity team to activate this functionality for you.

Expedia Lodgify's security deposit cannot be synchronized with this channel.
Booking.com Lodgify's security deposit cannot be synchronized with this channel.

How a pre-authorized security deposit works for VRBO bookings

As you can see in the above table, VRBO offers the most complete synchronization of the security deposit settings, and is currently the only channel that you can use with our security deposit pre-authorization. The pre-authorization is a functionality that allows you to automatically block (not charge) the security deposit on your guest's card and select when this amount should be blocked and for how long.

Once our Connectivity team has activated the functionality for you, you can start setting up the security deposit in Lodgify. Check out this article for instructions and requirements.

During the booking process

Once the configuration is enabled, the guest will be able to see that a security deposit will be due for this booking when making the reservation in VRBO. They will simply need to click Price details of the total booking price.

After the booking is confirmed

The security deposit is handled by VRBO as a stay collected fee, which by VRBO's definition is charged in cash at check-in. As you will use the client's credit card, you will need to communicate to your guest that in case you use the method to pre-authorize, the amount will be blocked temporarily on their credit card.

To do so, you have different options (that can be combined):

  • You can either include all the details in the description of the rental.
  • You can add it to one of your email templates, or by sending a message to the guest after the reservation is created.

After the reservation is imported from VRBO, the policy will display the configuration created, while the Security Deposit section will show the amount to be collected and the date when this will be blocked from the account. 

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