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Connect Lodgify to Chekin

DChekin is a tool that makes your guest check-in processes much easier as it provides your guests with an option to check in online. It ensures that legal documentation gets automatically sent to the Police, and eliminates the necessity to deliver keys to your guests through a fully automated self-check-in solution. To find out more about Chekin's features, take a look at this article.
💡 Note: You will need to create a new Chekin account in order to connect Lodgify to Chekin. If you already have an existing Chekin account, take a look at the FAQ section of this article.

To connect Lodgify to Chekin, and be able to automate check-ins for all your bookings, follow these steps: 

  1. First, you need to follow this link to create a Chekin account.
  2. Now select your accommodation type, and choose how many rentals you manage. 
  3. Then you will be asked which PMS or Channel Manager you are using. Select Lodgify from the drop-down list and click Next.
  4. To sync your Lodgify account with Chekin and make sure all bookings enter Chekin's system, you need to insert your Lodgify API key and an email address, then click Connect with Lodgify. You can find your Lodgify API key in your Settings section.
  5. If the connection was successful, you will be asked to set up a password for your Chekin account and can log in.

Once the connection between Lodgify and Chekin has been established, you will see a summary of what has been imported from your Lodgify account. This will include all the rentals in your Lodgify account. If you do not want to use Chekin for all of your Lodgify rentals, you can find the option to Deactivate unit within Chekin in order to exclude them from Chekin's services.

💡 Notes:

  • All bookings with a check-in date in the future will have been imported into your Chekin Bookings dashboard, so you can start setting up the basics.
  • You can subscribe to Chekin to get an integration with Nuki smart locks.



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