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Payyo offers you competitive fees and enables your guests to pay in their own currency via credit card directly on your website. With Payyo you can receive scheduled payments in Lodgify according to the policy you define. In the following, you will find out how to set up the connection and get further details about conditions.

💡 Note: Payyo is our recommended payment gateway if you are based outside the US or the EUIf you are based in the US or the EU and would like to use Payyo, please get in touch with us.

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Activate Payyo

To activate Payyo in Lodgify, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Main Menu in the top left corner and select Settings.
  2. In the left navigation panel click Payments and then activate credit card payments.
  3. A slide-in window appears where you select Payyo and click Continue.
  4. On the next screen, you will see the basic conditions such as credit card rates and transaction fees (for more details check the conditions below), click Activate Payyo.2019-12-20_1118.png
  5. Now fill in the missing information such as bank details etc. and click Continue
    💡 Note: If you don't have an IBAN number, please fill in your Bank Account number in the required field.
    💡 Note: To update the pre-filled information you need to make changes in your Account section.
  6. Carefully read and approve the fees and payout terms set for your account (for more details and explanations check the conditions below), agree with Lodgify's and Payyo's terms of service, and click Continue

💡 Note: Once you have activated Payyo, you will need to finish the verification process (KYC) in Payyo to start processing payments. To do so, click Go to Payyo and start the identity verification process.

💡 Note: For any questions regarding your transactions, payouts, account documents, etc. please contact the Payyo support team at


Where you can find your Payyo transaction fees

Depending on the country where your business is registered, a specific transaction fee will be applied to each transaction made via your Payyo payment gateway. To find out which percentage will be applied to each transaction, follow these steps.
💡 Note: The information will only be visible once you are connected to Payyo. In case you are not connected to Payyo yet but would like to find out more about the transaction fees that will be applied, please get in touch with our support team.

  1. Go to your Main Menu in the top left corner and select Settings.
  2. In the left navigation panel, select Payments and click on the little pencil icon to see and edit the settings.
  3. A slide-in window appears where you will see Payyo's settings and the applied transaction fee.Screenshot_01-07-2021_16.29.04.png


Question Answer
Is it possible to schedule subsequent payments with Payyo? Yes. Just follow the steps in Use case 1 of this article.
Is it possible to schedule automatic refunds? Yes, if you have activated the automatic refund function in your payment settings, then the money will be automatically refunded without any further action from your side in case a cancellation policy has triggered a refund in the system. For more details see this article.

Do you need to have a specific bookability setting (Instant booking, booking request, inquiry only) to use Payyo?

No, Payyo is available for all bookability settings.

Will I be able to handle transactions for and Expedia bookings directly in Lodgify?

Yes! Please check out this article for, and this one for Expedia, to find out more.


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