Edit channel configurations for HomeAway/VRBO

If your rental is connected to HomeAway/VRBO via the Channel Manager, you can see for which room types (and IDs) the connection is set up, and unpublish the listing from HomeAway/VRBO on the rental's Channels page in Lodgify.

💡 Note: All explanations about VRBO/HomeAway also apply to their sister companies Abritel and FeWo-direkt. 

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How to edit channel settings

Learn where you can change your channel's settings.

  1. Go to your Main Menu in the top left corner and select Rentals.
  2. Choose the rental you want to edit and go to Channels in your Optional Settings.
  3. In the section HomeAway, you can see which HomeAway listing is connected to this Lodgify rental. Now click on the pencil icon next to the Status column.2020-01-28_1033.png
    💡 Note: The table will display all connected room types for this rental.
    💡 Note: If you want to connect a new rental or edit the rate plan please get in touch with our Connectivity Team.
  4. A new block will open up where you can edit the following settings. 
    Setting Notes

    The mark-up is the percentage adjustment that will be applied to the base rate sent to HomeAway. You can use the mark-up to increase or decrease the price sent to HomeAway/VRBO.

    Base rate in Lodgify: $100 per night
    Mark-up: -10%
    => Base rate in HomeAway/VRBO: $90 per night

    💡 Note: If the guest makes a change request to a quote, e.g. he wants to add an additional night to the initial booking, you need to be aware that the rates within Lodgify do not include the mark-up. Find out how to manually add the mark-up to an existing quote.

    Minimum age You must specify the minimum age allowed for the primary renter.

    Rental Headline/ Custom Headline

    HomeAway requires a minimum of 20 characters for the listing title. If the rental title does not meet the requirements, then you need to add a Custom Headline. Otherwise, you can tick the box to use the Rental Headline.
     Status When a rental has the status published, then the channel manager is active and HomeAway is able to read the contents of the configuration files associated. A published listing does not mean that the listing is live on HomeAway.

    If the rental has the status unpublished, then the configuration files cannot be read by HomeAway and the listing cannot be activated in the channel.
     Hide Directions Tick the checkbox if you don't want to share the content of the directions section from Lodgify with HomeAway.

Find out how to edit the channel configurations for Airbnb professional, Expedia and Booking.com.


How to manually add the mark-up, short stay premium, or extra charge per guest to an existing quote

If you have a booking that was initially created in HomeAway/VRBO and you want to make changes to the quote, remember that when modifying the quote, the mark-up will not be added automatically so you will need to add the mark-up, short stay premium or an extra charge per guest manually to the quote.

Let's look at an example for this one:

A booking was initially created in HomeAway for 1 night, 2 adults, with a total price of €160. The guest has requested to add an additional night to the reservation. Now you need to update the quote in Lodgify and add the mark-up manually.

  1. Go into the reservation that you want to edit, click on the three dots in the quote box and select Guest makes change request.2020-02-03_1138.png
  2. The quote slider will open up and you add the extra night. The price will change from €160 to €260 (the standard rate per night is 100€ without mark-up or short stay premium).
  3. Now go into the price tab, delete the room rate and manually calculate the room rate including the mark-up and short stay premium. 
    Let's say the standard rate for that night is €100 and there is a short stay premium of €50 per night if the booking has less than 5 nights. The additional night should, therefore, be €150 without mark-up and €160 with a 10% mark-up. The total of the room rate will, therefore, be €320 (instead of the initially calculated €260).
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