Edit channel configurations for Expedia

If your rental is connected to Expedia via the Channel Manager, you can see for which room types (and IDs) the connection is set up, and edit the mark-up directly on the rental's Channels page.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Main Menu in the top left corner and select Rentals.
  2. Choose the rental you want to edit and go to Channels in your Optional Settings.
  3. In the section Expedia, you can see which Expedia listing is connected to this Lodgify rental. Now click on the three dots next to the Status column and select Edit Settings.2019-11-18_1211.png
    💡 Note: The table will display all connected room types for this rental.
  4. A new block will open up where you can edit the Mark-up in order to increase or decrease the prices sent to Expedia. Then Save your changes.
    💡 Note: If you want to connect a new rental or edit the rate plan please get in touch with our Connectivity Team.

Find out how to edit the channel configurations for Airbnb ProfessionalHomeAway/VRBO and Booking.com.

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