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(Legacy feature) - White label your email

As of Jan 2024, the feature to white label your email is no longer available.

In order to activate the App, your domain hosting must be handled by Lodgify. These options are available on yearly and bi-yearly plans. Learn more about registering a domain and about transferring your existing domain to Lodgify.

If you want to enhance your brand identity and remove the Lodgify branding even from the emails sent through your reservation system, you can do so with our Lodgify White Label Email App. The app will allow you to use your own domain name for emails sent from within Lodgify.

Example: Emails that were normally sent from owner_1298123ealshd@lodgify.com will now be sent from owner_1298123ealshd@your_domain.com

💡 Note: It is not possible to change the email completely (to e.g. info@hello-berlin-flats.com) as the first part of the email is not static and needed to identify which booking the conversation belongs to.

When activating the White Label Email option, you will also be able to edit the emails that are sent to rental owners and to the account holder. So you could edit also the signature from Your Lodgify Team to Your XXXX team, and make the system more white label.



If you also want to white label your website, you can follow the instructions in this article.

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