Connect Lodgify to HomeAway/VRBO

This integration allows you to connect your HomeAway/VRBO/Abritel/FeWo-direkt rentals to your Lodgify rentals.
πŸ’‘ Note: Even though in the following explanations, only the names of HomeAway/VRBO will be used, all details regarding the integration apply equally to Abritel and FeWo-direkt.

Once the connection has been completed, you will be able to keep your calendar up to date by importing reservations and synchronizing availability. Your rates will be exported from Lodgify to HomeAway/VRBO and you will also be able to export all your Lodgify rentals to HomeAway/VRBO. Reservations will be charged directly through Lodgify, using our credit card gateways.

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Requirements to connect to HomeAway/VRBO

Please note that in order to be able to connect with HomeAway/VRBO, you will need to meet the following requirements: 

  • Each VRBO/HomeAway account can only be connected with one Lodgify account.
  • For all partners based in Canada, Europe and APAC, regardless their status (company or freelancers, sole traders, self-employed partners) Vrbo will ask for a VAT number or a registration company number.
  • Your VRBO listings need to be set up as pay per booking or you need to have an active subscription with VRBO for all the properties.
  • You need to have a Credit Card payment gateway active in Lodgify as all reservations will be charged via Lodgify. You can use Stripe, Braintree,, or Payyo. Learn how to activate a credit card payment gateway in Lodgify.
  • Existing reservations or closed periods cannot be imported from HomeAway/VRBO into Lodgify, so they will need to be created manually in Lodgify to avoid double bookings.
  • You need to use the currency of the master brand of HomeAway/VRBO (AUD, BRL, CAD, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, USD) and you need to have the same currency in Lodgify. to edit your currency in Lodgify you can do so in the rental's Rates section. 2019-11-04_1236.png

Please note that there are also content requirements for your Lodgify listings in order to be able to connect them with HomeAway/VRBO:

  • Your rental must have a name.
  • The headline must be between 20 and 80 characters long.
  • The description must be between 400 and 10,000 characters long.
  • Your rental must have an accurate address and latitude/longitude coordinates.
  • Your rental needs to have between 6 and 50 high-quality photos, with a minimum size of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • You must have at least 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom photo.
  • Your rental must have a Rental Agreement at least in the language of the rental’s location.
  • You must have a Registration Number if it is required by the local jurisdiction. Fill in your registration number in your rentals' Advanced Settings.2019-11-04_1426.png

Connect Lodgify to HomeAway/VRBO

To set up a connection between Lodgify and VRBO you’ll need to carefully read the steps describe in a form and execute the actions required for your rentals. Please select the form in your preferred language: English | Spanish | Italian | French | German
Once you have submitted it, we will be notified and we will be able to start the mapping for you. We will send you an email to confirm the mapping has been done from our side. This will include a form with which you can finalize the connection with the HomeAway/VRBO team.

πŸ’‘ Note: You will then be contacted by the HomeAway/VRBO commercial and implementation team within 72 hours to finalize the connection.


Find details on the information that will be synchronized between Lodgify and HomeAway/VRBO regarding rental details, rates, availability, and reservations.

Rental Details

The rental details Export Notes
Name βœ”οΈ  
Headline βœ”οΈ  
Description βœ”οΈ  
Rental type βœ”οΈ  
Amenities βœ”οΈ πŸ’‘ Note: Not all amenities are exactly the same in Lodgify and HomeAway/VRBO, therefore not all of them will be synchronized.
Custom amenities ❌  
Number of guests βœ”οΈ  
Size (mΒ²) βœ”οΈ  
Units βœ”οΈ  
Location (+longitude and latitude) βœ”οΈ  
Directions βœ”οΈ  
Photos βœ”οΈ You need to have between 6-50 photos.
Rental Agreement βœ”οΈ You need to have a rental agreement at least in the language of where the rental is located.
Registration Number βœ”οΈ

If required by the local jurisdiction.


Rates, availability & restrictions

  Export Notes
Availability βœ”οΈ  
Bookability ❌ At the time of connection, you can choose between Instant Booking or Booking request (BETA version)
Policies - payment schedule


 Starter subscriptions can only opt for one single payment ➑ 100% at the time of the booking.
Policies - cancellation policy ❕ Contact us to create/edit your cancellation policy for VRBO/HomeAway
Policies - damage deposit βœ”οΈ

The damage deposit can be set up in the following ways:

  • Protection method Manual with a flat amount
  • Protection method Manual with a percentage amount
  • Protection method Pre-Authorization with a flat amount
  • Protection method Pre-Authorization with a percentage amount

To synchronize the damage deposit with VRBO, please contact our Connectivity team to activate this functionality for you. Once this is done, you can learn here how the damage deposit works.

Currency βœ”οΈ You need to use the currency of the master brand of HomeAway/VRBO (USD, CAD, EUR, or GBP) and you need to have the same currency in Lodgify.
Default rate βœ”οΈ  
Markup βœ”οΈ Can be added once the connection has been confirmed from VRBO
Season rates βœ”οΈ  
Daily, weekly, monthly price βœ”οΈ  
Extra charge per guest  βœ”οΈ

The extra charge per guest is exported for both, your Default Rate and Season Rates.

πŸ’‘ Note: Lodgify cannot send more than 10 different prices for one booking, so for bookings with many guests, there is a limit for the extra charge.

For example: You charge 100€ per night and 10€ extra per guest after the 2nd guest but have a booking for 13 pax. No price incrementation will be applied for guests 12-13.

  1. guest: 100€
  2. guest: 100€
  3. guest: 110€
  4. guest: 120€
  5. guest: 130€
  6. guest: 140€
  7. guest: 150€
  8. guest: 160€
  9. guest: 170€
  10. guest: 180€
  11. guest: 190€
  12. guest: 190€
  13. guest: 190€
Minimum Stay βœ”οΈ The minimum stay is exported for both your Default Rate and Season Rates.
Fees and taxes βœ”οΈ  
Promotions βœ”οΈ 

Only promotions that do not use a promotion code are synced with HomeAway.

πŸ’‘ Note: If you have several active promotions without a promotion code, that are applicable for a specific booking, they will all be applied. 

Example: You have a last-minute promotion (10% if booked 3 days from check-in) and a length of stay promotion (15% if the booking is of at least 7 nights), a total discount of 25% will be applied to bookings that meet both requirements.

Check-in / check-out time + days βœ”οΈ Check-in/check-out days and times are exported from Lodgify. If you have not set check-in /check-out times in Lodgify, we will send 11 am for check-out and 2 pm for check-in.
Booking window βœ”οΈ The Booking window defines how much time in advance a guest can make a booking, e.g. max. 365 days in advance. 

πŸ’‘ Note: This information is configured in your Rental's Booking Settings. 
Advance notice βœ”οΈ The Advance notice defines a minimum advance reservation time establishes the minimum amount of time before check-in that a guest can book a room or unit.

πŸ’‘ Note: This information is configured in your Rental's Booking Settings. 
Preparation time ❌ The preparation time set in Lodgify will be synchronized with VRBO's availability calendar and will mark preparation days as 'unavailable' for bookings. The actual setting, however, is not synchronized with VRBO.
Add-ons  ❌

These settings are not exported from Lodgify. 

Extra charge for short stays
Pro-rated best price
Give guest best price

Import reservations

The following reservation details will be imported from HomeAway/VRBO to Lodgify.

  Import Notes
Existing reservations ❌ Existing reservations need to be manually created in Lodgify.
Future reservations βœ”οΈ  
Reservation details βœ”οΈ  
Credit card details βœ”οΈ Credit card details are imported for charging the guest in Lodgify, but those details are not visible to you in your account.
Guest details βœ”οΈ  
Changes in reservations βœ”οΈ All changes to HomeAway/VRBO need to be done in Lodgify.
New messages βœ”οΈ

Once the booking is imported into Lodgify, confirmed in Lodgify, all new messages will be synchronized between Lodgify and VRBO.

Payments βœ”οΈ Payment is taken in Lodgify according to your payment schedule in Lodgify.


Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently does Lodgify update my rates and availability information in HomeAway/VRBO?

Rates and availabilities are synced every hour. For content, HomeAway/VRBO requests an update from Lodgify once per day.

How can I charge guests of HomeAway/VRBO reservations in Lodgify?

The guest's credit card is automatically charged according to your payment schedule in Lodgify.
Learn about setting up your payment schedule

Can I generate a quote for inquiries I receive? 
This is not possible at the moment. Only bookings with request to book or Instant bookings will receive a quote. You should direct potential guests to book through your listing, and you can then create a promotion in Lodgify to offer a different price. 

How can I make changes to HomeAway/VRBO reservations?

HomeAway/VRBO reservations can only be edited, charged, and deleted in Lodgify. New quotes need to be created in Lodgify and not in HomeAway/VRBO. 
Learn how to edit a booking.

Where can I find my Merchant Name?

For Payyo, you can check your Merchant Name in your Account Menu. Select My Account and go to your Billing Contact details. If you have a Company Name, this would also be your Merchant Name. If you do not have a Company Name, your Merchant Name is your first name and last name.

For Stripe, Braintree, or Authorize.Net, please contact their support if you are unsure of where to find the Merchant Name.

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