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Lodgify Resources

We know running a vacation rental business can be overwhelming. At Lodgify, we want to help you improve your business by giving you insights into best practices on how to increase your occupancy rate and profit.

Here are some useful links to our available resources:



Vacation rental courses

Our free and online courses help you to build a marketing strategy. These courses teach you everything you need to know to start and grow a successful vacation rental business! 


Our blog has a ton of helpful articles, ordered by categories, such as web design, listing sites, Lodgify updates, and many more, to help you understand the must-dos and nice-to-haves of vacation rental marketing.

Tools - Vacation Rental Income Calculator

It helps you calculate your current revenue, as well as the potential profit you can make with your short-term rental business.

Tools - Airbnb Description Generator

Our Airbnb business names' generator will help to turn your vacation rental into a magnet for holidaymakers.

Tools - Airbnb Review Generator

Let our Airbnb review generator help you find the perfect words to describe your experience with your guests.

Vacation Rental Guides

Learn how to scale your vacation rental
business with our educational and
in-depth resources: guides, templates.

Vacation Rental Encyclopedia

Learn about the most important topics in the vacation rental industry.

Success stories

Read some success stories and get some tips from our clients.


Our webinars help you better understand the ever-changing rental vacation business, and design a success strategy.
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