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At Lodgify, we want to help you improve your business by giving you insights into best practices on how to increase your website traffic and thus occupancy rate and profit. Our dedicated marketing team has, therefore, created webinars that aim to help you better understand the ever-changing rental vacation business, and design a success strategy.

You can find past webinars in our Youtube channel in the Lodgify Direct Booking Webinar Series. Here you can find:

In the first installment of Lodgify's direct booking webinar series, we cover the top elements which constitute a great vacation rental website. This includes everything from photos, descriptions, and content to reviews as well as SEO-related activities.

In the second installment of Lodgify's direct booking webinar series, we look at how travelers are searching for accommodation online and what you can do (and which tools you can use!) to improve your website's chances on Google. We discover Google My Business, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and more.

In the third installment of our direct bookings webinar series, we look at all the activities you can do to market your website for free.

We will continue to add our webinars here, so come back for more!


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