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Use the Bookable Units App to increase the number of units

Within the subscription of a rental, you can have several rooms or apartments. If the room or apartments of the rental all have exactly the same amenities, photos and prices, you would need to activate our Bookable Units App.  For a small monthly fee, this allows you to have an unlimited amount of units inside a single rental subscription. 

💡 Note:  If the amenities and prices of the rooms differ, you need to set up each room as a separate rental.

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Activating the Bookable Units App

To activate the Bookable Units App:

  1. Go to your Main Menu in the top left corner and select Marketplace. 
  2. Now click Bookable Units and click Activate.  
  3. Select or add your preferred payment method.
  4. Click on Approve charge to bill your payment method and activate the feature.
  5. Once the credit card has been successfully charged, you need to publish your website. The restriction on the number of bookable units will be removed from your profile and all your rentals will be eligible to have multiple units. Find out how to increase the units of a rental (legacy feature).
    💡 Note: Even though you have multiple units activated, guests will still need to make a separate booking for each unit.

In case you are using the bookable units app and want to connect your rental with external channels such as Airbnb, Booking.com, HomeAway/Vrbo, or Expedia, you can check out this article to learn more about the necessary setup.


Deactivating the Bookable Units App

💡 Note: Deactivating the Bookable Units App moves the bookings of each unit into the remaining rental.

⚠ Be sure to move bookings with overlapping dates into different rentals before cancelling the Bookable Units App, so that you can continue to edit and manage the bookings after deactivating the app.

To deactivate the Bookable Units App:

  1. Go to your Main Menu in the top left corner and select Marketplace.
  2. Now click Bookable Units. A slide-in window appears where you need to click Deactivate.
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