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FAQ - Forms of payment

Your website could feature one or more forms of payment for your guest's bookings, ranging from credit card or direct debit to PayPal and Manual payments. This article will give you a quick overview and links to detailed explanations of each option.

Payment form
Credit Card We strongly recommend accepting credit cards as it will enhance your website's credibility. For more information, see our blog post 8 reasons why your vacation rental needs to accept credit cards. We offer 4 different payment gateways to accept credit card payments (you need to decide on one):
  • Stripe
  • Payyo
    💡 Note: Payyo is only available on request.
  • Braintree
  • Authorize.Net
Credit card payments offer a variety of functionalities that help to automate your day-to-day processes, such as automatic refunds and scheduled payments. Learn how to configure credit card payments.
PayPal PayPal gives you the option to accept online payments via PayPal and credit card, however, it does not offer the functionalities of automatic refunds, etc. Overall, PayPal only offers partly automated processes in your reservation system. Find out how to configure Paypal.

Manual Payments
(bank transfers, cash, POS)

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In contrast to PayPal or credit card payments, manual payments such as bank transfers are definitely available for all countries. Nevertheless, accepting bank transfers requires full manual handling of the reservation. Find out how to accept manual payments.

💡 Note: You can choose to offer several payment methods to your guests, but be aware that your guest can individually choose the one they prefer. So if you offer PayPal or manual payments, you could end up with much more manual work and time-consuming control work to check if payments have been received or payment requests have been sent out.

💡 Note: For more details on how a payment was made, you can always check the Payment collection box. Screenshot


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