Connect Lodgify to Airbnb: Professional integration

The Airbnb Professional integration offers direct two-way synchronization via API with Airbnb. Like this, you'll be able to keep the calendar of your website up-to-date by instantly importing bookings into Lodgify, synchronizing your availability and export your rates from Lodgify to Airbnb. If you don't have your rentals listed yet in Airbnb you can even create them from scratch just by exporting all the info from your Lodgify rentals into Airbnb. 

πŸ’‘ Note: If you are using another channel as your central reservation manager such as Airbnb or VRBO, we recommend using our Calendar Import / Export Tool to synchronize your Lodgify Calendar with Airbnb. See Export and import your calendar via iCal.

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Requirements to connect to Airbnb Professional

Before setting up the connection with Airbnb Professional, you should be aware of certain conditions/settings in order to make the connection work:

  • Listings in Airbnb must be set as either Instant booking or Booking request.
    πŸ’‘ Note: To use Booking request, you must have the sync type Sync all enabled - which means that your Lodgify listing's content will override the Airbnb listings' content. 
    πŸ’‘ Note: You can still choose your Bookability settings in Lodgify independently (Instant booking, Booking request, or Inquiry only).
  • There are certain cities/regions that don’t allow Airbnb to establish API connections. See the full list of restricted areas (red) here.
  • Closed periods, iCal imports, and manual bookings created in Airbnb will be deleted. Be sure to create them in Lodgify.
  • The smart pricing feature in Airbnb won’t be available anymore. All your prices need to be controlled inside your Lodgify account.
  • If you have configured Derived Rates in Lodgify, we can connect either your base rate or one derived rate per rental or rental type. Learn how to configure Derived Rates in Lodgify.
  • If you have specified some verification requirements for your guests to be able to book your Airbnb listings, these will be reset and you will need to recover them. Contact us if you need assistance with this.
  • Lodgify can only connect with Airbnb owner accounts, not directly with co-host accounts. If you are a co-host to an Airbnb listing, you will need to connect the primary host account.

Connect Lodgify to Airbnb: Professional integration

To set up the connection between Lodgify and Airbnb follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Main Menu in the top left corner, select Channel Manager and choose Airbnb Professional.
  2. Then click Connect with Airbnb to sign into your Airbnb account or create one. Now establish the connection by agreeing to the terms and conditions of the two platforms.asasasf__2.png
  3. You will now need to fill in a form providing some additional information to establish the mapping. Please select the form in your preferred language: English | Spanish | Italian | French | German and complete it with the required information regarding your rental(s). Once submitted, we will start the mapping.
  4. Once everything is set up we will send you a confirmation email. All selected listings will now be live in Airbnb, and Instant book will be turned on. Learn more about Instant Book on Airbnb.
    πŸ’‘ Note: If you want to accept Booking requests, you need to opt for the setting Sync all during the mapping process.

πŸ’‘ Note: Lodgify can connect to multiple Airbnb accounts. If you want to connect additional Airbnb accounts, just follow the above procedure for each of them.



Find details on the information and details that will be synchronized between Lodgify and Airbnb regarding rates, availability, bookings, and rental details.

Rates, availability & restrictions

The following rates settings, availability, and restrictions will be exported from Lodgify to Airbnb.

  Export Notes
Availability βœ”οΈ 18 months of availability will be synchronized and the calendar will be updated instantly.
πŸ’‘ Note: If you created your rental manually in Lodgify, closed periods will not be imported from Airbnb and should therefore be created in Lodgify. If you imported your rental from Airbnb, periods set as blocked by yourself in Airbnb will be imported as unavailable into Lodgify.
Bookability ❌ Each rental must be instantly bookable on Airbnb. Otherwise, to use Booking request, you must have the sync type Sync all enabled.
Policies - payment schedule ❌ Airbnb is the merchant of record and determines the payment schedule. The usual case is 100% payment upfront and the payout to the owner is done after the guest has checked out.
Policies - cancellation policy ❌

Cancellation policies are handled separately. You can decide which policy from Airbnb you want to apply in your Airbnb listing ( Flexible, Moderate, Strict). You should provide this information to Lodgify in the Excel file during the mapping process.

πŸ’‘ Note: Due to the impacts of Covid-19, Airbnb currently does not allow the cancellation policy settings Strict for 30 days and Strict for 60 days

Policies - damage deposit βœ”οΈ Only Manual damage deposits of fixed amounts will be synchronized, not if they are set as a % and/or pre-authorized.
πŸ’‘ Note: You can also have a different damage deposit in Airbnb by sending it to us during the mapping process.
Currency βœ”οΈ If the currency in Lodgify is different than the one of the country where the rental is located, Airbnb applies a 3% conversion fee in the rates.
Extra charge per guest βœ”οΈ If you have an extra charge per additional guest set up in Lodgify, it will be applied for every day in Airbnb.
πŸ’‘ Note: Airbnb cannot set seasonal specific extra charges, so throughout the year the extra charge set in the default rate will be applied.
Base rate βœ”οΈ The lowest rate within the next 18 months.
πŸ’‘ Important: When no dates are selected in Airbnb, the search result will show the lowest price of the next 18 months.
Nightly room rates βœ”οΈ The daily rates table will be sent to Airbnb.
Weekly room rates ❌ Weekly room rates are exported via XML only when you have a minimum stay of 7 nights.
If the minimum stay is lower to 7 nights, and someone books for 7 nights, the nightly price will be sent and multiplied for 7.   In this case, you can apply a weekly discount. Please indicate it in the Excel file during the mapping process.
πŸ’‘ Note: Weekly room rates can be exported if you are connected via REST API.
Monthly room rate ❌ Monthly room rates are not exported to Airbnb. You should provide this information (monthly discount rate) to Lodgify in the Excel file during the mapping process.
πŸ’‘ Note: Monthly room rates can be exported if you are connected via REST API.
Minimum stay βœ”οΈ  
Turnover days βœ”οΈ

Decide if you need to close your availability calendar for bookings automatically after a departure. The calendar will be closed in Airbnb, only for Airbnb closed reservations.

πŸ’‘ Note: If you have a big villa and need at least one day before arrival and one after departure to prepare and clean everything, you need one Turnover day. The calendar will automatically close the day before the arrival and after the departure.

Cleaning fee βœ”οΈ The Cleaning Fee will be added to the daily price sent to Airbnb if set as a %. If set as a fixed amount, it must be set as the Cleaning Fee Type with Single Charge Type and Per Stay Frequency to be exported to Airbnb.
Other fees βœ”οΈ

If using XML, fees will be added to the daily price sent to Airbnb, but only if set as % in Lodgify. If using REST API, fees can be exported from Lodgify as a flat fee or as %.

πŸ’‘ Note: If additional restrictions are applied to a fee, namely so that the fee only applies when a stay is too short, will result in the fee not being sent to Airbnb.

Taxes βœ”οΈ Taxes will be added to the daily price sent to Airbnb, but only if set as % in Lodgify.
πŸ’‘ Note: If you are using REST API, then taxes and VAT cannot be exported to Airbnb.
Promotions ❌ Promotions can only be exported from Lodgify if using REST API. If a promotion is configured in Lodgify to be applied to early-bird or last-minute bookings,  it will be marked as a promotion in Airbnb. If the promotion in Lodgify is tied to a minimum stay, it will be applied over the nightly price in Airbnb.
Add-ons ❌  
Extra charge for short stays ❌  
Pro-rated best price ❌  
Give guest best price ❌  
Rates notes ❌  
Advance Notice βœ”οΈ πŸ’‘ Note: If Airbnb Professional has been enabled for your account prior to April 17th, 2019: Contact to enable the automatic synchronization of this setting from your Lodgify account to your Airbnb listing.
Booking Window βœ”οΈ
Preparation time βœ”οΈ The preparation time set in Lodgify will be synchronized with Airbnb's availability calendar and will mark preparation days as 'unavailable' for bookings. 

In case you want to use a different preparation time for Airbnb bookings, you can set this up on your rental's Channels page.

πŸ’‘ Note: If the preparation time in your booking settings does not match the preparation time on your channels page, you will see a different availability in your Lodgify calendar vs your Airbnb calendar.
Example:  If you set a preparation time of 1 day in Lodgify and a preparation time of 2 days for Airbnb in your channels page, you will see a soft block of one day in Lodgify, while Airbnb will hard block 2 days in their calendar.

Rental Agreement ❌  
Mark-up βœ”οΈ You can set the mark-up to be positive or negative.
πŸ’‘ Note: The cleaning charge is excluded from the markup, the extra charge per guest is included.


Import bookings

The following booking details will be imported from Airbnb to Lodgify.

  Import Notes

First batch import of existing bookings


Only bookings for future dates. Bookings for past dates are not imported.

Future bookings


Synced instantly

Booking details


Price, number of guests, email of the guest, messages

πŸ’‘ Note: For more details go in the booking box to External Link and click View details.

Guest details


Name, Airbnb alias email address, phone, location, and language will be imported.

Changes or Cancellations


πŸ’‘ Note: Imported bookings can only be edited in Airbnb. Only once the changes made in Airbnb have been confirmed, they will be imported into Lodgify and will be shown in red in the booking details.

New messages


Messages that guests send in Airbnb will be recorded in Lodgify.



All payments for imported bookings will need to be handled directly in Airbnb.

πŸ’‘ Note: Confirmed bookings are imported into your Lodgify calendar in red. If you receive a Booking request in Airbnb you will receive a reservation with the status tentative in Lodgify and your calendar will be blocked for 24h (within that time frame you will need to accept or deny the request). If you wish to create a closed period in your calendar or a manual booking, you will need to create it in Lodgify directly, as it is not possible to import closed periods, existing manual bookings, or bookings from external platforms from Airbnb into Lodgify.


Rental Details

Rental details will only be exported from Lodgify to Airbnb if you have selected Sync all during the mapping process. The following details will be exported:

The rental details Notes
Rental name If you have different room types in Lodgify, the name in Airbnb will be a combination of the name of the rental and the room type.
Description If you have different room types in Lodgify, the description of rental and room type will be combined in Airbnb. If the rental description is set up in different languages, the translations will also be exported to Airbnb.
Rental type As far as possible.
πŸ’‘ Note: Not all settings are exactly the same in Lodgify and Airbnb.
Amenities As far as possible.
πŸ’‘ Note: Not all amenities are exactly the same in Lodgify and Airbnb.
Number of guests How many guests can stay at the rental.

If you use the Bookable Units App in Lodgify and have set up a rental or room with more than one unit, Lodgify will send the number of available units for each day to Airbnb.

Address, Zipcode & Directions  
Photos If you have different room types in Lodgify, the photos of the rental and the room type will be combined in Airbnb.
Registration number  


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