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If you already had a website with your custom domain before Lodgify and keep the same domain name, you should redirect all the URLs from your previous website to your Lodgify one in order to save your historical Google ranking. Redirecting the URLs will tell Google that the content that could be found previously on the page can now be found on a different website

💡 Note: If you previously had a different domain name (e.g. and now registered a new one for your Lodgify website  (e.g., you would need to keep your old domain live (keep paying for it) and link it as a secondary domain to your new website in order to be able to redirect the URLs. To do this, please make sure you first follow the instructions in this article before doing the redirection. You cannot redirect URLs from your previous website to your new website with a different domain name if the old domain is not your property anymore.  

To redirect your URLs just download this Excel spreadsheet, fill it in following the examples provided and send it to us right after deactivating your existing domain or redirecting it to Lodgify. We will take care of the rest!

For a better understanding of how to fill in the spreadsheet, watch our video. 

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