A Favicon (short for favorite icon) can be added to your website and appear in web browser tabs and bookmarks. Usually, the favicon is a replication of your website logo and it contributes to reinforcing your branding.   

To add a favicon:

  1. Go to your Main Menu in the top left corner and select Websites.
  2. In the Settings tab, go to Advanced, and look for Favicon.
  3. Now click Upload, to upload your company logo.
    💡 Note: You can use images of the following sizes: 16px x 16px, 32px x 32px, 48px x 48px.
  4. Once the image is uploaded, save the changes, and publish your website. The favicon now appears on each of your websites’ tabs.
    💡 Note: The favicon will most likely not appear in the backend until you save the changes.


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