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Rental location and directions

To give your guests at least a rough idea of where your rental is located, you need to fill in the location details. You can also upload a custom map or give your guests details of how to get there and how to get around by public transport.

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Address and custom city

Fill in the address of your rental and add a custom city:

    1. Go to your Main Menu in the top left corner and select Rentals.
    2. Choose the rental that you want to amend and select Location.
    3. Use the top section to configure your rental address. If you can't find your address or would like to specify the area a bit more, select Can't find your place.
    4. Fill in the Country, the closest City, ZIP Code, and the rental Address.  
      💡 Note: This is required even if you decide not to show the exact address on the website.

    5. If you want to specify the location of your rental, select Show a different city (this can also be a certain area of the city) and choose how to show the address on your website.ScreenshotIf you choose a custom city, you can choose to display it as a custom city, Google city, Custom City or Google City, Custom City.
      Here is the detail of these options:
      Display Note
      Only display Custom City.2019-10-16_1547.png We will only display your Custom City as your rental's city on your website. We will not show the Google City, but you still need to select the nearest city from the Google City search box.
      Display as Custom City, Google City. 2019-10-16_1545.png We will display the city in your rental's address section as Custom City, Google City.
      Display as Google City, Custom City.2019-10-16_1547_001.png We will display the city in your rental's address section as Google City, Custom City.
      💡 Note: If the address shown on the map is not quite exact, you can simply drag-and-drop the needle to the actual location of your rental or click on the Pencil icon below the map to insert the exact coordinates.

    6. If you only want to show a rough location of the rental on your website, select Hide rental address from my website. 
      💡 Note: If you have multiple rentals, the exact location will still be visible on the map of the All Rentals Section. In this case, we recommend that you manually drag and drop the needle on the map to a slightly different location than your actual address.2019-10-16_1555.png


Directions and distances

Add directions to your rental and provide further information on distances to public transport. 

  1. Go to your Main Menu in the top left corner and select Rentals.
  2. Choose the rental that you want to amend, click Location.
  3. Scroll down and activate the Distances toggle to configure distances to public transport options.
  4. You can Upload a Custom map:2017-07-14_1135.png💡 Note: If you prefer to send exact location and directions to the rental directly to your guests, instead of showing it on your website you can modify the automatic email responses or set up a saved email reply using the placeholders for the longitude and latitude coordinates. 


Search by location 

If you assign multiple rentals to your website, the option to search by location will appear on your homepage if there are at least 2 rentals located separately from each other. The option will not show if your rentals are all located in the same location. 


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