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In order to increase content and interesting information on your website, we recommend creating a blog. More content on your website doesn't just offer more information and qualitative text for your guests but also gives you the chance to insert more keywords which in turn help to increase your search engine listings. To create a blog on your website you have two options - either create an internal blog page or host the blog on an external site and link it to your website.

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How to create an internal blog page

To create a blog directly on your Lodgify website, you might be a bit more limited design-wise but can still achieve a great result with less work. To create an internal blog page, you will need to create each blog post on a private page, then create a public blog page where you give a short overview of each blog post and a link to the full post.Screenshot_09-02-2020_14.16.27.png

To achieve the above example, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Main Menu in the top left corner and select Websites.
  2. In the Pages tab, go to Not Linked and click +Add.2019-10-31_1056.png
  3. In Page Title, fill in the title of the blog post you want to create, and click Add.
  4. Now click Add new widget and select a Content widget. Fill in the title of your blog post and edit it as Heading 2. Then save and add another content widget where you fill in the text of your post. To add images to your blog page use Image widgets.Screenshot_09-02-2020_15.11.24.png
  5. Once your blog post is ready, create a public page on your website menu. So go to your Main Navigation and click Add, to add a new page. In Page Title fill in the title Blog.
  6. Then start creating your blog overview page using a content widget for the Heading 1 (Blog), one image widget for each post, and one content widget for each blog post to state the blog post title (Heading 2) and give a short summary of the post content. Screenshot_09-02-2020_15.16.27.png
  7. To link your blog page post overviews to each respective blog post, you need to place links in the widgets. To do so, go to your blog post 1 page and click on the little wheel icon to copy the Site URL.Screenshot_09-02-2020_15.26.45.png
  8. Now go back to your blog page and place the site URL as a link under Blog Post 1 Title and Read more. Then save.
    💡 Note: If you want to place the link also under the picture, you need to place the picture in a content widget instead of an image widget, then scroll to the center of the image and click Edit.Screenshot_09-02-2020_15.30.17.png

How to create an external blog page

To create an external blog you can use a blog creator like Blogger which offers all the tools you need.
Once your blog is created, simply copy the URL and add a link on your Lodgify website.
Find a nice example of an external blog here.external_bloh.png

💡 Note: If you prefer to have the link to your blog in the footer instead of the main menu you can insert the URL in the social media section.2017-12-05_1330.png
To do so:

  1. Go to your Main Menu in the top left corner and select Websites.
  2. Select the Settings tab and go to the Contact & Social tab.
  3. Here you can insert the blog's URL.

💡 Note: When you set up an external blog you should set up a CNAME record in the domain provider's DNS settings. Example: - points to

This way, people can navigate to (and this link can be marketed) but will send people to

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