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Connect to Stripe Premium

This article explains how to get rid of Transaction fees when using Stripe as your payment gateway. For more information on activating Stripe as a payment gateway, click here.

With Stripe as a payment gateway, you are paying a 1% + VAT Transaction Fee for each payment received. You can sign up for Stripe Premium to get rid of the transaction fee and just pay a flat amount per month.
In case you are using our Owner Payments feature, and your Owners are using Stripe to collect booking payments, the transaction fee will be waived for all your Owners as well.

Find out how to connect to Stripe Premium.

  1. Go to your Main Menu in the top left corner and select Marketplace.
  2. Choose Stripe.Screenshot
  3. Click Activate and fill in your credit card details, or select to use the same you have already configured for your account.
    💡 Note: The fee will be charged to your card on a monthly basis.
  4. Be sure to read our Terms and conditions and then select Approve charge.
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